With a strong record of creating environments that nurture close knit communities around common interests, the focus of Halswell Commons is even greater. As the people of Christchurch embrace the changes that lead towards improved housing and enhanced lifestyles, Halswell Commons rises to the challenge and delivers beyond expectation.

Some of the ways these homes deliver a real difference for those that share a common goal to make lives better include:

• corridors of green-space that connect homes and people
• shared environments for planting vegetables or fruit trees
• recreation zones providing room to play or privacy to ponder
• a range of homes, from maintenance free to back yard bliss
• financial assistance for first home buyers
• convenient on-site retail and hospitality outlets
• neighbouring employment that grows alongside the community

The Halswell Commons Residents Society has been set up to oversee such things as the shared community spaces and landscaping. Further detail can be viewed here.