Halswell Commons is a very accomplished location. The land is cloaked in a proud history of harness racing, top breeding stables and a passion for achievement that has delivered success throughout generations - with many more to come.

The development will deliver a lifestyle choice unlike any other in Christchurch - living opportunities that promote an active and socially inclusive community, environmentally driven, with a framework that aims to cultivate a strong sense of belonging,

Centered around living streets where the community can take ownership of shared open spaces, orchard trees, edible plants and herbs for picking - residents can escape traditional boundaries and feel at home in surroundings that offer the possibilities of working together.

Architecturally designed homes are completed to a Homestar 6 rating and built to a Lifemark standard, maximising sustainability and working to a masterplan that creates a vibrant network of accommodation and provides a diverse range of housing options for all ages. Perimeter walkways onto reserves provide people with a front door to a shared greenspace, with a network of off road pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, and parking in lanes at the rear of properties.

Adjacent to the SouthWest Village, this child friendly all inclusive environment offers biodiversity in an urban setting through a medium density, high amenity development. Welcome to Halswell Commons, welcome to the template for a better way of living.