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  • Living Here

Some say this is the way we should be living

Taking inspiration from the active and socially inclusive “good old days”, Halswell Commons is purposefully designed to encourage and promote a way of life where neighbours and neighbourhoods are connected and dynamic.

Halswell Commons is made up of neighbourly housing, bountiful green spaces, play areas for kids, and of course, all the mod cons you’d expect in today’s best subdivision developments.

Centred around living streets, residents can take ownership and advantage of shared open spaces, orchard trees, edible plants and herbs. Homes are connected by corridors of green space accessible from your front door, with a network of off road pathways for pedestrians and cyclists to make the most of their surroundings.


Living streets

Centered around living streets where the community can take ownership of shared open spaces, orchard trees, edible plants and herbs for picking.


Shared open spaces

Residents can escape traditional boundaries and feel at home in surroundings that offer the possibilities of living together.



One of the unique features of Halswell Commons is the shared greenspaces, where living streets are available for the entire community to enjoy, grow and harvest the fruits of their labour.

Within these spaces, you’ll find playgrounds for the kids, traditional gardens and orchards, eastern horticultural practices. By cultivating a mix of habitats, plants, styles and age groups within areas, communities grow together and build strength through shared experiences.


Future SouthWest Village development next door

Located directly adjacent to Halswell Commons, the SouthWest Village will provide a vast array of local amenities to the entire Halswell district, ever-increasing employment opportunities and the promise of a vibrant local hub of activity that grows alongside the developing community.

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